Identification and Management of Feeding Difficulties or IMFeD is a new, easy-to-use interactive diagnostic toolkit introduced by Abbott to help paediatricians accurately identify and manage feeding difficulties in young children.


The toolkit was based on the classification system of Professor Dr Irene Chatoor and the methodology of Professor Dr Benny Kerzner, both respected experts on feeding difficulties in children.


This tool allows paediatricians to accurately diagnose feeding difficulties for children over 1 year of age. It includes the following elements. To date, it has been successfully introduced to over 25,000 paediatricians from all over the world, including Malaysia.



IMFeD in Malaysia


On March 26, 2012, Malaysian Paediatric Association (MPA) and Abbott have teamed up to localise and promote the use of IMFeD in Malaysia.


MPA has set up a panel of experts from all over the country to ensure the smooth implementation of IMFeD.  They will review and localise existing IMFeD materials to suit local cultural sensibilities and dietary preferences.  They will also conduct training workshops to promote IMFeD to other MPA members nationwide. In addition, community education activities will be conducted to encourage parents to consult their paediatricians if they think their children are experiencing feeding difficulties.



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